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New Phone Card Convenience Fee Privacy Notice

Due to the recent increase by BTC/Cable & Wireless of the wholesale costs of phone cards, we are now forced to add a 15% Convenience Fee to all orders in order to for it to remain feasible to operate.

Our new wholesale costs are as follows:

$5 Cybercell card - $4.70
$10 Cybercell card - $9.40
$20 Cybercell card - $18.80

The previous costs were:

$5 Cybercell card - $3.85
$10 Cybercell card - $7.75
$20 Cybercell card - $15.25

Understand that for each order we have to pay processing fees to the bank and additional transaction fees to third party providers which brings our cost over the amount we are now purchasing the phone cards for. Eg. in order to sell a $5 card we would now have to pay a cost of approximately $5.30, therefore a 15% convenience fee would need to be added to all orders.

Despite the increased costs, customers are still finding the site useful in case of emergency, or just as a convenient way to purchase phone cards without wasting your car gas.

To all our loyal customers we really appreciate your support and thank you for your patronage.

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